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Bird Watching

If you have a passion for birds then you share my enthusiasm for Birding. I started to notice birds in my early 60s and my interest took me to a Massachusetts Audubon Annual meeting a few years ago. Since I retired in 2014, I had dabbled in photography and through my lens began to grow an affection for the birds I was photographing.

That meeting changed my life. It was a discussion about Sea Birds. After numerous speakers on the subject, I decided I was not a photographer but a full blown Birder.

The last 4 years that I lived in Massachusetts, I had been on weekly Friday Morning Bird walks out of Marshfield with Mass Audubon. The birders were my people and their willingness to teach a new guy was without question.

I now live in a small town in New Hampshire. There are seven lakes in the vicinity. The largest is 1200 acres and we have a nesting pair of Eagles and 3 nesting pairs of Common Loons. This is a Birders paradise for me. Seeing 5 Red Tail Hawks in one day with out even trying is not uncommon.

If you have that passion, I have sourced out what I consider quality suppliers who specialize in birding or will customize a tour focusing on birding for groups.

Let’s go Birding!