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If I ask for a tour of Italy, please don’t show me Greece! Everyone needs to be listened to and too often the customer’s needs are not heard by the person who says, “Can I help you?”. I launched a third career when I retired from Corporate America 3 years ago. Like the city I love, Boston, I felt it was time to re-invent myself. Travel was my choice and I brought my listening skills with me. The client needs to be listened to and sometimes you have to stop talking and just “hear” the client, become their advocate and recognize their travel goals.

I worked in the investment business for 30 years and owned my own balloon decorating business for 10 years. When traveling for corporate business or my own business, I always found a way to enjoy myself. Discovering the culture of the “NEW” world around me was always a great adventure. Whether it was being stationed on a US Navy ship in the Mediterranean, visiting Italy and Malta for 6 months or moving to a new office location in Texas and Idaho for Merrill Lynch or Colorado for Dean Whitter, I found a way to enjoy the journey and the destination---once the journey was complete.

My strength in business was always customer service. Listening to the customer and paying attention to their needs was always the most important aspect of the job, whether it was a corporate or my business client. I did not look at what the competition was doing, but looked forward to the needs and goals of the client. Making sure the question or concern was answered honestly and completely.

Along the way, I developed a passion for a few hobbies such as golf, cooking, cruising and most recently birding.

Golf became a passion when I turned 40 and my daughters could get along without me for a few hours.

Cooking became a passion when I was out of work, or as we called it “in transition” and I got bored with my own cooking. I took cooking lessons at Tosca of Hingham, my favorite restaurant on the South Shore and that turned my taste buds around 180 degrees. My favorite meal to cook?
Appetizer: PEI Mussels, cooked in vermouth and shallots and finished with Creme Fresh
Entree: Pan Seared Diver Scallops with Toasted Orzo, snow peas and 24 month Parmigano Regianno (as Mario says: the undisputed King of cheeses)
Dessert: Fallen Chocolate Hazel Nut Soufflé with Roasted Strawberries in Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Cinnamon and brown sugar.

I took my first pleasure cruise in 2004 and made the statement to my wife that I did not want to take another vacation if the hotel did not move. Cruising to me is the best vacation on this planet.

Birding is my passion now. I do not leave home with out my binoculars. After moving to New Hampshire I joined New Hampshire Audubon. I am also a member of the Sea Coast Bird Club and join them in bird walks when they are scheduled. I have maintained my membership with Mass Audubon so I will be in touch with their birding trips as well.

I’ve lived in a Massachusetts, Texas, Idaho and Colorado. I have recently moved to New Hampshire to a small town with 7 lakes. I have visited a few countries in my time as well, such as Italy, Malta and various islands in the Caribbean. Experiencing a new culture creates life memories that you can share with friends and family for a long time to come. After so many years of working, raising a family and carving out a future, it is time to have some fun. If traveling is your kind of fun, then I am your kind of travel adviser. Attentive to your needs and desires and always listening to your wishes, I can help you get the travel experience you deserve!

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